Effortless Document Signing

DeedSign's electronic signature platform streamlines the process of signing documents, enabling individuals to easily sign contracts, agreements, and forms. Eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and mailing paperwork with DeedSign. Users have the convenience of electronically signing documents on any device, at any location, and at any moment, ultimately saving time and resources and expediting business dealings.
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Secure and Legally Binding eSignature solution

Enhance security and expedite the process of capturing eSignatures by utilizing DeedSign's solutions. You can have peace of mind knowing that your eSignatures are both secure and legally binding, thanks to DeedSign's advanced encryption and authentication protocols. Our platform adheres to international eSignature regulations, such as eIDAS in Europe and the ESIGN Act in the United States, guaranteeing the authenticity and enforceability of electronically signed documents. Safeguard confidential data and uphold compliance with industry standards and regulations

Quickly complete the electronic signature

Send and sign together, collect multiple documents at one time. With the original questionnaire mode, you can get multiple files in the same format by sending a URL, and you can also sign the questionnaire with ease. The status of signed documents is clear at a glance, making it easier to sign and track documents. The entire sign-in process is completed online, making it a powerful assistant for online meetings/seminars. Digital office can also maintain work efficiency.
Keep Informed: Real-Time Updates with DeedSign

Compliant and Secure eSignature Solution

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