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Why Type Your Online Signature?

In the past, in-person signings required all parties to gather at the same location. However, in today’s business world, individuals and businesses favor a digital experience that allows them to agree anywhere, anytime
This shift has led to the growing acceptance of e-signatures. They are essential for sealing deals, hiring new recruits, or creating contracts with partners, without having to wait to meet them in person. And it’s easier than ever to automatically generate an e-signature by simply typing your preferred name in a text field.
Whether you are an individual who needs to sign a contract or a business looking to meet today’s digital standard, you can leverage automatically generated signatures for:
Better Efficiency and Productivity
A shortened document cycle leads to faster deals, lower costs, and more free time to focus on growing your business.
Transparency and Accountability
By logging digital signatures online, you create a verifiable audit trail that is essential for security and regulatory processes.
Reduced User Friction
Since e-signatures can be generated anytime, anywhere, the stakeholders benefit from reduced friction and improved satisfaction levels.
Minimized Costs
Traditional paperwork is expensive to purchase, send, and store. By moving to its digital counterpart, you can slash admin costs.
Faster Contract Workflows
Digital is faster than paper, which leads to accelerated deals closure, allowing you to refocus your energies on more impactful tasks.

Signature Typing Tool FAQs

Simply type your preferred name in our text box and select the type of font you would like. DeedSign automatically generates multiple versions of your e-signature.

DeedSign lets you create unlimited e-signatures with signature typing tool. You will need an Email to download them.

Yes, DeedSign offers the choice of handwritten or sans-serif fonts, which are then generated in multiple styles.

Yes, most regions, such as the US and EU have specific regulations that recognize the legal validity of e-signatures.

You can reload the page to try a new signature. If you have a DeedSign account, your signatures will be saved for later.

Yes! DeedSign supports all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which means you can draw directly on your screen or using a stylus.

DeedSign is dedicated to the highest levels of security to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. This includes high-grade encryption and secure AWS data storage.

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