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How Creating and sending a reusable template on DeedSign?
Create a document or form that you want to use as a template. Ensure it includes all necessary fields and sections. Save the template document with a descriptive name to easily identify it as a template.

Creating and sending a reusable Documents on DeedSign involves the following steps:

Log in to DeedSign:

Visit the DeedSign Apps and log in to your account using your credentials.

Access Templates:

Once logged in, navigate to the Documents section of your DeedSign account. This is typically found in the main dashboard.

Create a Documents:

In the Documents section, look for an option to create a new Documents. Click on this option to start creating a new Documents.

Design the Documents:

Use the DeedSign Documents editor to design your Documents. Add fields such as signature, date, text, checkboxes, etc., as needed for your document.

Customize the Documents to include placeholders or fields that can be filled in with recipient-specific information when the Documents is used.

Make the Documents Reusable:

Within the Documents editor, look for an option to make the Documents reusable. This usually involves marking certain fields or sections as placeholders that can be customized each time the Documents is used. Follow the prompts to designate the appropriate fields as reusable.

Save the Template:

Once the Documents is created and marked as reusable, save it within your DeedSign account. Give the template a descriptive name to easily identify it in the future.

Send the Template:

To send the template to recipients, navigate to the Templates section of your DeedSign account. Select the reusable template you created and initiate the sending process. Specify the recipients' email addresses and any other required information. Customize any recipient-specific fields or sections as needed. Send the template for review, signature, or completion.

Track and Manage Responses:

Monitor the status of the sent template to track responses or completion.

Utilize DeedSign's tracking and management features to keep track of who has viewed, signed, or responded to the Documents.

By following these steps, you can create and send reusable Documents templates efficiently using DeedSign, streamlining your document workflow and saving time on repetitive tasks.

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