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How do I add signers to a document?
Adding signers to a document in an electronic signature platform DeedSign involves a few simple steps. While the specifics can vary slightly from one platform to another, the general process is quite similar across most eSignature services. Here’s how you can typically add signers to a document using a platform like DeedSign:

Step 1: Upload the Document

  • Log in to your DeedSign account.
  • Look for an option to create a new document or send a new request. This could be labeled something like “New Document,” “Send a Document,” or similar.
  • Upload the document you need signed from your computer or select it from your online storage if the platform supports cloud integrations.

Step 2: Add Signer Details

  • After uploading, you will be prompted to enter the details of the signers. This typically includes their email addresses. Some platforms also allow you to add a signer's name or a message at this stage.
  • If your document requires signatures from multiple parties, you can add each signer’s email address. Some platforms allow you to specify the order in which signers should sign the document, known as sequential signing.

Step 3: Place Signature Fields

  • Once signers are added, you’ll need to place signature fields onto the document for each signer. Navigate to the document preview or editing mode.
  • Use the platform’s tools to drag and drop signature boxes (and any other required fields like date, text boxes, checkboxes, etc.) onto the appropriate parts of the document. You can usually assign each field to a specific signer.
  • Make sure you place all necessary fields so signers know exactly where to sign, initial, or provide additional information.

Step 4: Customize and Send

  • Customize the invitation message if the platform allows, providing signers with context or instructions regarding the document they are about to sign.
  • Review your document and signer information for accuracy.
  • Send the document out for signature. The platform will email a link to the document to the signers, instructing them on how to review and sign.

Step 5: Monitor and Manage

  • Most platforms provide a way to monitor the status of your document, showing you which signers have completed their signatures and who hasn’t.
  • You might have the option to send reminders to signers who haven’t signed yet.

Additional Tips:

  • Double-check the email addresses of the signers to ensure they receive the document without issues.
  • Consider the legal requirements for eSignatures in your jurisdiction, especially for sensitive or high-stake documents.
  • Explore the platform’s tutorial or help center if you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about adding signers.

Using an electronic signature platform like DeedSign not only simplifies the process of gathering signatures but also helps in tracking the progress of your document signing requests, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

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