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How to create a signing link?
Creating a signing link is a feature offered by many electronic signature platforms, allowing you to share a document with multiple signers without having to send individual invitations via email. This can be particularly useful for documents that need to be signed by a large number of people or when you want to share the document through channels other than email, such as through a website or social media. Here's a general guide on how to create a signing link, tailored to be applicable for platforms like DeedSign:

Step 1: Prepare Your Document

  • Log in to your DeedSign electronic signature platform account.
  • Upload the document you wish to get signed to the platform.

Step 2: Set Up the Document for Signing

  • Add the necessary fields to the document, such as signature fields, date fields, text boxes, etc., depending on what information you need from the signers.
  • If your platform allows, specify any roles or signer requirements. This might not be applicable to all types of signing links, especially if the link is meant for a broad audience without specific signer roles.

Step 3: Create the Signing Link

  • Look for an option to create a signing link or shareable link. This might be found within the document setup options or available as a distinct choice after you prepare the document.
  • Configure any settings related to the signing link. DeedSign platforms allow you to set expiration dates for the link or limit the number of signers.
  • Generate the link. The platform should provide you with a URL that you can copy.

Step 4: Share the Signing Link

  • Share the link through your preferred channel. This can be via direct messaging, social media, embedded in a website, or even sent through an email if you prefer.
  • Ensure you provide clear instructions to potential signers about the need to sign the document and any deadlines.

Step 5: Monitor Signatures

  • With the link shared, you can usually track how many people have signed the document through your platform's dashboard.
  • Some platforms allow you to receive notifications as signatures are added.

Important Considerations:

  • Security and Privacy: Ensure that the document shared via a signing link does not contain sensitive or private information that should not be publicly accessible.
  • Signer Authentication: Understand that by using a signing link, you might not have specific control over who signs the document, unlike sending individual requests via email.
  • Platform Limitations: Not all eSignature platforms may offer the ability to create a signing link, or there may be different features and limitations based on your subscription level.

Creating a signing link can significantly streamline the process of gathering multiple signatures, especially for more general documents or forms that require a broad collection of participants. Always refer to your specific platform’s help resources or customer support for detailed instructions tailored to their system.

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